ISABS is engaged in applying the knowledge and skills of behavioural scientists to the well-being of people, organizations, communities and the society at large. ISABS offers a host of services in the domain of Human growth, Organisational Development and Social Development. ISABS programs focuses on human processes and aim at helping people to understand themselves & others better and discover more creative and satisfying ways of relating and working.

ISABS utilises T-group and experience-based learning as its main training methods. Experiencing and reflecting on one’s natural behaviors, conceptualising and experimenting rather than lectures or cognitive presentations are the chief ingredients in this process of learning. ISABS conducts personal growth programs, sensitivity laboratories at its National and Regional events. It also offers programmes to develop professionals capable of facilitating such experience-based learning as well as Certification Programs for Organisation Development, Change Management and Community Facilitation Process.

ISABS is committed to building a pool of trained group facilitators, applied behavioural scientists, researchers, process consultants who will advance conceptual and cognitive knowledge in the field of Applied Behavioral Science.

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