The Indian Society for Applied Behavioral Science (ISABS), chartered on December 5, 1971 and registered under the societies Act of 1880, on January 7, 1972 at Poona, and Bombay Public Trusts Registration Office, Poona on February 19, 1972, gives to itself the following constitution:


ISABS' major objectives are to promote education, research and development in the field of Applied Behavioral Science in India. Its major tasks are:

  • To provide opportunities for fulfilling the affiliate needs of these professionals who share common interests in experience- based learning.
  • To advance conceptual and cognitive knowledge in the field of Applied Behavioral Science, and to share and develop professional skills.
  • To develop professional services for, as yet unserved areas of public interest, such as education, health, rural, backward and slum organizations
  • To offer opportunities for training and continuing education for professional development of the new entrants in the field of Applied Behavioral Science.
  • To develop and set professional norms for its Professional Membership.
  • To undertake and encourage research and publications in the field of Applied Behavioral Science.

In order to achieve the above objectives ISABS may develop a structure, norms, funding strategy, programs and activities from time to time. ISABS can promote and provide for training, research and education in Applied Behavioural Science ; can award diploma, certificates and other distinctions; engage in research, constancy and publication; collaborate with other institutions and organizations in related fields in India and overseas; raise funds, accept gifts, acquire and sell property for the objectives of the Society; enter into agreements with the Government or other statutory bodies; can appoint employees, temporary or on contract for the functioning of the Society and pay the remuneration on the terms, and conditions developed by the Society; establish regional chapters; make and enforce rules and bylaws from time to time and to repeal, amend or alter the same; prepare and maintain accounts of the society along with the Annual Statement of Accounts including the Balance Sheet, as may be required by the Government ; and engage in all such other lawful things as may be considered conducive or incidental to the attainment of the above objectives.



ISABS shall have the following categories of Membership:

Professional Membership

Professional Membership will of offered to those individuals who have demonstrated competence in experience-based learning and are actively engaged in the same.

A Professional Member would be entitled to become a Life Member by making a one-time payment of the annual dues for ten years.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership will be available to those who are interested in the advancement of experience-based learning as well as applications of Behavioural Science.

Member Honoris-causa

An individual who has made outstanding contribution towards the promotion of Applied Behavioural Science may be invited to become member Honoris-causa.

Institutional Membership

Institutional Membership will be available to those institutions which have continuing interest in the furtherance of Applied Behavioural Science.

Membership Admission

Admission to Membership in various categories mentioned above shall be approved of by the executive Board of the Society.

Membership Fees

ISABS' Executive Board will, from time to time, determine the admission and Membership fees of various categories of Membership .

Membership Rights

All Professional Members in "Good Standing" shall have the right to review the objectives and structure and formulate bylaws and select various office Bearers and bodies, which in turn shall have the responsibility for the governance of the society. The right to dissolve the society and to decide on its assets and liabilities shall rest with them.

The Associate and Institutional Members shall have the right to participate, without voting rights, in the meetings of the General Body.

Cessation of Membership

Any professional/Associate/Institutional Member shall cease to be on the rolls of the Society by writing a letter addressed to that effect to the President. He/She will also cease to be on the rolls if he/she fails to pay his /her annual dues. However, such defaulting members may by reinstated on submitting a fresh application and payment of arrears/dues to the Society, plus readmission fee, if any.

A Professional / Associate/Institutional Member may be suspended or terminated from the rolls of the society, if in the judgment pH the Executive Board, he/she is found guilty of conduct detrimental to the best interests of the Society. The President shall, however, give an opportunity to the person concerned to explain the charges leveled against him/her. The Executive Board of ISABS shall have the final authority to make such a judgment.


Structure Of The Society

General Body

All professional/Associate/Institutional Members will constitute the General Body will either be 10 members of 1/10th of the total number on the rolls of the Society's register. In case the quorum is not met, the meeting could be adjourned and reconvened after a lapse of at least three hours.

  • The Meeting of the General Body shall be held once a year, and the gap between two successive meetings shall not be more than 18 months. The President will convene the Meeting of the General Body. However, an Extraordinary Meeting of the General Body may be called at the decision of the Executives Board or 2/3 rds of the Professional Members on the rolls of the Society.
  • The Meeting of the General Body will be Chaired by the President. At least 15 days' notice specifying time, place, date, hour, and the agenda for the meeting shall be given to every Member of the Society. The General Body will discuss the annual report of the President, and approve the audited accounts.
  • The General Body shall appoint the Auditors for auditing the accounts of the Society.
  • The Members may seek information at the Meeting of the General Body about the work and progress of the society, and make suggestions for the promotion and realisation of the Society's objectives.
  • Normally, all major decisions shall be taken at the Meetings of the General Body, by majority vote. However, voting by mail may be used for such decisions in order to ensure expressions of opinions and judgment by the majority of members who cannot always attend Meetings of the General Body due to geographical spread of the Membership. The Secretary, with the approval of the President, shall conduct such postal ballots.
The Office Bearers
  • The office Bearers will be elected by and from amongst the professional members of the society in "good standing"
  • The President will be the Chief Executive of the Society. The President will:
    1. Chair Meetings of the General Body, Executive Board, Executive Committee
    2. Approve agenda for all these Meetings, and postal ballots.
    3. Approve the annual report of the Society
    4. Sign all formal contracts and documents.
  • The Secretary shall be the secretary of the society, the Executive Board, and the Executive Committee. The Secretary shall, with the approval of the president, call the meetings, and arrange postal ballots, and carry out day-to-day execution of the work of the society.
  • The Deans will look after the special areas of activities of ISABS. There will be five Deans for the five areas listed below. These functions can, however, change from time to time, with the approval of the General Body:
    1. Professional Development
    2. programs
    3. Research
    4. Publications
    5. External Linkages

    Each Dean will form his/her Committee which will be approved of by the Executive Board.

  • The Treasurer shall maintain the books of accounts of the society. He/she will advice the President and the Board regarding monitoring of the financial policies and norms laid down by the Board and the Executive Committee from time to time.
  • Regional Coordinators will be responsible for ISABS' activities in the regions demarcated by the Board. He/ She would monitor inter-phase work of the candidates for Professional Development in the region in consultation with the Dean, Professional Development, and undertake activities to promote ISABS' objectives in the region.
  • A Regional Coordinator may constitute a Regional Committee to carry out the work of the Regional Chapter. The Regional Coordinators, nominated by the Board, shall develop programs and activities in consultation with the Executive Board.
Executive Board
  • ISABS shall have an Executive Board consisting of 15 Members: President, Secretary, Past President , 5 Deans, Treasurer, and 6 Regional Coordinators.
  • The term of the Executive Board shall be for a period of three calendar years. The Board shall lay down the broad policy guidelines regarding the Society's activities, Membership, financial matters, and future development and growth. It shall also be the trustee of the society.
  • The Board shall have the ultimate authority for establishing external linkages, opening up of new regional chapters, and acquisition and disposal of the fixed assets and property of the Society.
  • The Board shall meet at least once a year.
  • The Board Meeting will be chaired by the President.
  • The quorum of the Board will be five Members.
Executive Committee
  • The Executive Committee of ISABS will consist of five members drawn from the Executive Board of the Society.
  • The following will be the Members of the Executive Committee:
    1. The President (current)
    2. Past President
    3. Secretary
    4. Treasurer
    5. One person nominated by the Executive Board out of its Members
  • The Executive Committee shall have a term of three calendar years, coterminal with the tenure of the Executive Board . It will meet at least twice a year. The quorum of any meeting will be three members.
  • The Executive Committee will be responsible for:
    1. Annual conferences
    2. Training and development programs
    3. Administration of ISABS
    4. Implementation of the policies approved of by the Board of ISABS.
    5. Financial management of ISABS
  • The President will preside over the Executive Committee and be responsible for the effective administration of the Society.
Regional Chapters
  • The Board of ISABS will: a. demarcate/approve of Regions, and b. appoint one Coordinator for each Regional Chapter.
  • The Regions may develop their own operating procedures consistent with ISABS' objectives. The Regional Chapters may organize programs, and assist the national body in organizing Events, and in providing facilities/guidance to the candidates of professional Development in the region.
  • Regional Coordinators shall submit audited statements of the accounts of the Regional Chapters to the Treasurers of the Society, to be consolidated in the accounts of the society, for presentation to the General Body.



  • The President will be elected by all Professional Members in "GOOD STANDING".
  • The Executive Board shall appoint a returning 0fficer who will invite nominations for the post of the President, ensure consent of the nominees, before sending the ballot papers under Registered cover to all professional Members for election. The Returning Officer, will give a notice of at least 15 days for return of ballots by the Members.
  • After completion of the election of the President, a meeting of the General Body shall be called for the purpose of the election of the other office Bearers and Members of the Executive Board and the Executive Committee. At this meeting, the President Elect will propose a slate for the Executive Board for their consideration and approval. Acceptance by two-third majority of all the Professional Members in "Good standing", present at the Meeting of the General Body , or by simple majority of the returns (if postal ballot is used), will be necessary for the approval of the new Executive Board.
  • The Members of the Standing Committees will also require the acceptance of a two-third majority of the Professional members in good standing present at the above Meeting of the General Body, or a simple majority of the returns (if postal ballot is used).
  • The term of all Office Bearers shall be for a period of three calendar years. An office Bearer may resign by addressing a letter to the President. The President may resign by addressing a letter to the Executive Board. The resignation will be effective only after the Board has accepted the same, and has elected an Interim President from amongst the remaining Members of the Board. An Office Bearer may also be removed from the office by a 2/3rd majority of the Professional Members in "Good Standing".
  • In case of prolonged absence or illness of the President and his/her inability to call the Meetings of the Executive Board or the General Body, as stipulated above, the secretary shall call these Meetings, and the Past President shall chair these meeting.



  • The Society is not organised for profit, and all its income and property shall be applied solely towards the furtherance of the Society's aims and objectives.
  • No dividend/bonus or any other form of profit-sharing, shall be paid to the members.
  • The money belonging to the Society shall be deposited in a Scheduled Bank, or invested in securities or long-term deposits, etc., decided upon by the Board. The account(s) shall be in the name of the Society and will be operated jointly by the President and the Treasurer. The Board may authorise opening up of Special Accounts for specific purposes, such as research, publications, etc., and may advise the Bank of the names of the persons who will operate the accounts.
  • All financial investments shall be with the approval of the Board of ISABS.
  • The accounts of the Society shall be audited at least once a year by the Auditors appointed by the General Body.



  • The Board of ISABS will set up and review norms and ethics for its Professional Members. Any Professional Member joining the Society shall abide by these norms.
  • The Meetings of the Board of ISABS or any other Committee shall be open to all Professional Members Present in the city. Such members will, however, have no voting right.
  • Any modifications in the various Clauses of this Memorandum of the Society can be made with at least a 3/4th majority of the General Body or an Extraordinary Meeting of the General Body convened for this purpose by the Society. However, in special circumstances, amendment of bylaws can be made by the Executive Board of ISABS to be ratified at the next Meeting of the General Body.



  • The Society's Constitution can be amended only by the General Body , by votes of at least 3/4th majority of the professional Members present.
  • The Society shall be dissolved in accordance with the provisions of the Societies' Registration Act, 1860, and in the event Of the winding up of the society, assets, after clearing debts and liabilities, shall be made over to some other Society/Association with similar objects. This would be decided upon by the votes of at least 3/4th of the Professional Members present.
  • The dissolution will take place either at the time of the Annual Meeting of the General Body, or at a Meeting of the General Body, specifically convened for this purpose. At least two months' notice shall have to be given for such a Meeting.

The above Memorandum of Association of ISABS was adopted unanimously at the Meeting of the General Body of the Indian Society for Applied Behavioral Science held for this purpose on Sunday, June 8, 1986, at Hotel Clarks Amer, Jaipur.


Professional Members Present

1 Dr Abad Ahmad
2 Dr MMP Akhouri
3 Dr KK Anand
4 Dr Somnath Chattopadhyay
5 Mr Mahaveer Jain
6 Mr VK Jain
7 Mr Aroon D Joshi
8 Mr KK Mehta
9 Dr Prayag Mehta
10 Mr Manohar S Nadkarni
11 Dr Udai Pareek
12 Dr Dennyson F Pereira
13 Dr TV Rao
14 Mr Deepankar Roy
15 Mr Kirpal Singh
16 Mr NP Singh
17 Mr Paul Siromoni
18 Mr CM Srivastava
19 Mr AS Vasudevan

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