Coverage & Duration

This is a 2 week lab which has the following broad objectives:

  • Diagnosing human processes in self and group
  • Linking experiences with relevant theory and concepts
  • Experimenting with interventions that facilitate exploration at different levels – individual, interpersonal and group; and practicing process diagnosis for individuals and groups

Learning Agenda

Week 1:
  • Become aware of one's need for influence, acceptance, recognition, etc. and their impact on stances and roles taken
  • Diagnosing group processes (inclusion/exclusion, gender, leadership & power, authority, decision making, etc.)
  • Experientially understanding the relationship between one’s personality and one’s presence In the group
  • Experiment with articulating behavioral processes noticed in self and group
  • Examine conscious and unconsciously held beliefs and values and their impact on facilitation
Week 2:
  • Explore and understand conflicts between person and role
  • Develop the ability to identify conscious and unconscious group processes underlying interactions in the group
  • Reflect and examine interventions made - levels, intention & impact
  • Become aware of deeply held attitudes to learning, one's style (I’d prefer the word ‘model’ to ‘style’)of facilitation & their links
  • Become aware of boundaries of role and task


  • The candidate should have completed Phase A. Completion of all logs, including the work done during Phase A and inter-phase work is essential for entry into Phase B.
  • The candidate is cleared for Phase B by the Mentor and the Regional PDP Committee or Dean PDP for those regions not having a Regional Coordinator.

Inter-phase work before starting internship:

  • Log on the experience and learnings of Phase B to be submitted within 4 months of attending the event
  • A log on readings on any two of the following areas:
    • Gender dynamics in organizations / society
    • Social exclusion and inclusion processes (based on caste, class, gender and other differences)
    • Dealing functionally with attraction and sexuality issues
    • Group dynamics, conscious and unconscious processes in groups
  • Any one of the following:
    • Log on experimenting with individual and group level interventions in a back home situation or
    • Log on observation of group dynamics at a back-home meeting
  • Research Project (applying behavioural science approach) to be done individually or in a small group. The research project and log covers briefly the area of research, hypothesis that needed to be tested, methodology followed, findings and conclusion.

Readiness for Internshipimplies

  • The candidate has demonstrated in Phase B the above competencies to a large extent, as clearly stated by the facilitators in the candidate's feedback form.
  • The candidate has completed the inter-phase work between Phase B and Internship as outlined above
  • The Dean PDP certifies that the candidate has fulfilled the inter-phase requirement for entering internship.

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