The Internship phase will commences at a National Event at the invitation of Dean PDP. During Internship the PDP candidate gets hands-on experience of co-facilitating a T Group Lab by working with a professional member of ISABS. Co-facilitations can subsequently be done at National or Regional Events depending on what is convenient and possible. Interns are expected to co-facilitate a minimum of 4 labs out of which at least 2 labs must be at a National Event.

The first Co-facilitation Lab will be purely for learning in this new role and will not be open for obtaining a Letter of Recommendation. At the end of each co-facilitation lab, the Intern will need to submit a log of the lab. The Logs need to be submitted within 3 months of the conclusion of the lab and reviewed before attending the next co-facilitation. A time gap of at least 4 months between co-facilitations must be maintained to enable needed reflection, writing, review, reading and integration of learning from the lab experience.

Learning Agenda

  • Differentiate learning in a T group from other types of learning
  • Familiarize and integrate the values of T group in the learning process
  • Learn to use thoughts and feelings in self as data for intervening in the group
  • Sharpen understanding of processes at self, interpersonal and group levels
  • Enhance ability to articulate hypotheses and make interventions at intrapersonal, interpersonal and group levels
  • Understand the value and need for clinicking `spaces for dealing with self and role related issues


  • Those who have completed Phase B lab and submitted their lab log including any recommendations made
  • Have completed prescribed inter-phase logs and additional ones if recommended
  • Time gap between Phase B and Internship does not exceed 2 years
  • Clearance from the Dean Professional Development has been received

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