The Basic Lab on Human Processes provides a learning opportunity where the participants can:
  • Becoming aware of one’s own patterns of behaviour;
  • Knowing the impact of one’s behaviour on others;
  • Knowing the impact of others' behaviour on themselves;
  • Improving one’s effectiveness in interpersonal interactions to derive greater mutual satisfaction from others;
  • Discovering their potential to live more effectively and meaningfully.


This introductory lab is for those individuals who are interested in enhancing interpersonal effectiveness, competency, and exploring their potential. Individuals from various background are welcome to participate:
Participants are drawn from varied backgrounds such as
  • Operations Managers and Executives;
  • HRD, Training, Personnel, and Industrial Relations Professionals;
  • Marketing, Sales, and Client Servicing Professionals;
  • Team or Group Leaders, and Co-ordinators;
  • TQM and ISO Supervisors;
  • Counsellors and Therapists;
  • School and University Faculty;
  • Professionals from NGOs, rural development, voluntary and social service organizations.


ISABS programmes focus on building competency in personal effectiveness and making it available for organizational and societal growth and development. Participants in ISABS labs are likely to become more sensitive to their and others' feelings, needs and behaviours as well as understand their own and others' behaviour more clearly.



The Advanced Lab on Human Processes provides a learning opportunity where the participants can:
  • Enhancement, consolidation and reinforcement by practice, the learnings from BLHP and afterward;
  • Identification and development of greater awareness of interdependent human processes;
  • Exploration of options to work on the dilemmas faced in inter and intra-personal situations;
  • Discovery of one’s potential for greater effectiveness in organizations and societies;
  • Practice of listening and intervention skills and development of human process sensitivity.


Any individual who has completed a BLHP or its equivalent within the past 2 years.
This programme is specially recommended for:
  • Executives, Administrators and Managers;
  • Trainers and Counsellors;
  • NGO and Government staff;
  • Internal HRD facilitators and personnel engaged in change management;
  • ISO Management Representatives & TQM Facilitators.

While sending nominations for ALHP, the following particulars must be given:

  • Year of BLHP participation, date and venue of Event of ISABS;
  • Name of Facilitator(s).

ALHP is essential for those who intend to enter the ISABS Professional Development Programme.

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