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The Regional events are organised by the Regional Coordinators with the assistance of Professional members in the Region.

Over the last few years, Regional events have grown immensely in popularity and have begun to effectively supplement the National Events in meeting the growing demand for Human Process Laboratories. Given the smaller participant size of the Regional events, it is becoming possible for the Regions to conduct these events in cost-effective locations thereby catering to a wider cross-section of participants.

The Regional events unlike the National events, consist of a smaller community of participants with Facilitators mostly from within the Regions. Some of the Regional events even offer programs for specific interest groups like NGOs, teachers and so on.

Calendar of Regional Events

Regional Events Detailed Brochure Dates Venue
Southern India
18/08/2017 to 22/08/2017
SAIACS CEO Center, Bangalore
Western India
31/07/2017 to 05/08/2017
Dr. Modi's Resort, Karjat
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